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The specification for lps fasteners is ANSI B-18, 2.1. The size of the LPS fasteners like screws fall between the metric size range of M3 to M42. Check the price of the various size range lps fasteners price list 2016.

LPS fasteners are produced in good quality stainless steel grades such as 202, 304, 316, 8.8 grade, 10.9 grade, 4.6 grade. Learn more about the lps fasteners price list 2017 for the different grades of stainless steels As compared to conventional grades of plain carbon mild steel, stainless steels LPS fasteners gain an upper hand because these grades tend to offer a host of advantageous properties. Although most stainless steel grades have a comprehensive range of properties, in general, but in comparison to mild steel grades, stainless steels have the following properties -  Higher resistance to corrosion, higher toughness in cryogenic as well as elevated temperatures, higher work hardening rate, and higher hot strength because of its ability to withstand high temperatures.

Besides these properties, the LPS fasteners are also known to display characteristics such as higher ductility, increased tensile strength as well as enhanced hardness.  Know more about the lps high tensile fasteners price list. A Benefit of using the LPS high tensile fasteners includes its lower maintenance as compared to other fastener classes. A reason why many consumers also prefer using these fasteners is because of their more attractive appearance.

Find the price of the price list of lps fasteners. A lot of components such as all types of nuts, bolts, Allen key, Allen csk, grub screw, Allen key as well as other type of fasteners fall under the spectrum or the umbrella of the LPS fasteners. Learn more about the current lps fasteners price list 2019 with regards to the different types of fasteners such as nuts and bolts, screws etc. Generally, these LPS high tensile fasteners are produced from high tensile steel grades. Other grades such as Stainless steel and Mild steel  are also used to manufacture fasteners, such as nuts, bolts, Allen screws, anchor bolts, foundation bolts, nyloc nuts, hex nuts, circlips etc. A list of available fasteners have been mentioned along with the lps fasteners price list 2018 here.


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